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another four days pass.
and i still haven't finish the lectures.

oh. immunology. infections. all the medical lessons.
i hate you so much.
APH - Denmark


So sleepy...
I'm gotta fight today! Read as much as I can. An exam is on Wednesday, after that, I can finally hang out with my friends. ><

Anyway, Tourai-san's 'Trust Me' is awesome. Although he said that the rap is awful (which I'm kinda agree...), it's still awesome!
Wonder whether he will post to his community or not..
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APH - Denmark

2 weeks before entrance exam.

so, it's been a while since i've last updated my journal here.
real life has been busy, and terrible, that i can't find words to describe it in foreign language. ;w;

now, only 2 weeks before the entrance examination. when it's over, i'll finally be able to rest peacefully without anyone telling me to read a book again!
but, i don't know if i'll still be able to smile if the result come out ^^; because i know that i haven't been working hard that much. if i don't get in the university my parents want, then i don't know what will happen..
i DO want to further my study in that university, but i'm afraid of ghost. really afraid of it. D:
well, it's only the future anyway...

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TVXQ - HoSu in Paris &lt;3

anycall cf + cubic school = i think i might fail on my mid-term exam...

two more days before my mid-term examination at my school, and here i am, updating my journal, downloading code geass r2 turn 15 and most of all, enter the cubic school project at exteen. D:

the cubic school project (by cocon-san) is the project for anyone to send their original character into the 'cubic school', a virtual thai school. i have send my son, kankawee raweeruengrong, there as an english teacher. and now, i'm absolutely falling in love with him. my son is just too cute to resist! >v<

actually, i didn't think he will become this cute. but he is now anyway. = =''
(i stop doing my homework since last week and put most of my effort into this project. god. i'm going to hav an exam in two days and i can't control myself to read the books at all. kawee is scary.

and about the anycall cf! i have only watched the colorful love theme (feat. hosu) and i must say that, i'm disappointed ;_;
okay, the hosu scene is cute. but that's all. there's nothing interesting like those previous cf, especially if you compare it to anyband.
i have watched is for only one time. and i think that's enough.

maybe even if they feature this couple in the cf again, i won't wait eagerly like in the past anymore.

i have two art works to finish, but i don't want to do them at all. >_<
maybe i should adjust myself by doing the chemical exercises first...

ps. i want to write fan fiction. so. badly. ;_____;
Code Geass - Prince Lulu

sleepy + lazy = bad for everything

long time no update, but i've decided to update this journal now anyway xD

so, it's only two (actually, less than two) months before the examination for khonkan university but i still have a lot of books to read. D: and i'm still being such a lazy girl who keep on waiting for code geass every weeks and crave for writing some fan fictions almost every minute. maybe i should give up on becoming a doctor and choose other occupation that suit my life better anyway.

moreover, i think i've become more and more sleepy everyday. i almost haven't read any books at all because i want to sleep every time i saw them.  what's wrong with me? DDD:

i've given up on buying world end single, finally, because i've just bought suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu dvds last week. and it ate up all my money D:

lastly, the more i watch code geass r2, the more i hate suzaku, really. why can he become such an evil like this.
i miss shirley. sunrise, give her back!! ;_____;

i can't wait for the new anycall cf. especially the hosu one.
awww, junsu, why so cute? ;w;
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APH - Denmark

First Post~

My first post here ^^
Nah... I used to use my blog in Exteen.com (the hittest blog service site in my country, I guess) and leave my LJ empty, but I think I will use LJ more often from now on since I found many interesting communities here.

Nice to meet everyone ^^

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